Iodised sea salt

This type of salt comes in many varieties and grain sizes, enhanced with iodine at the rate stipulated by the national legislation, as per case.
Packaging : 10Kg, 25Kg, 30Kg bags, big bag.

Dried sea salt


Washed sea salt


Sea salt


The range of our products, with some potential uses, is :
Raw sea salt mainly for agricultural factories, for de-icing, for wastewater treatment

Grinded raw sea
salt for animal feed, for agricultural factories, for leather factories

Washed sea salt
for agricultural factories, for leather factories, for food industries, with granulation 0-2.5mm and >2.5mm or mix of them

Dried sea salt
for agricultural factories, for leather factories, for food industries, for animal feed and many other uses, with granulation
a)         0.0 – 0.3mm (animal block feed, leather industry)
b)         0.3 – 0.7mm (food industry instead of vacuum salt)
c)         0.7 - 1.4mm (tanning industry, agriculture industry e.x. Olives, pickles)
d)         1.4 - 2.5mm (tanning industry, agriculture industry, cheese industry, textile industry)
e)         2.5 - 3.3mm (softening water)
f)         >3.3mm (softening water)
g)         0.0-1.4 (leather industry)
h)         Or mix of some of the above after special requirement


Vacuum salt



Vacuum salt (PDV salt)
An especially processed highly pure product, which derives from the recrystallization of purified brine.
Major applications: Clothes dyeing, tanneries, chemicals, plastics, water treatment, condiments, food preservation, bakery industry, meat production, processed meat products, spices, cereals, cheese, pharmaceutical applications, various household uses.  
Esco salt tablets for water softening purposes have been developed particularly for application in water softening installations, as for example in private homes, hotels and restaurants, hospitals, laundries, etc. Made of high-purity vacuum salt, esco salt tablets dissolve easily and completely, and are absolutely residue-free. They help to regenerate the ion exchange unit and prevent it from furring up (calcification), thus guaranteeing the proper operation of the ion exchange unit. 
Packaging : bags of 25Kg
Vacuum salt especially for food indusrty with steady quality and specific granulation 
 Packaging : bags of 50Kg 
Vacuum salt with 0,5-0,6% sodium nitrite, especially for meat indusrty
 Packaging : bags of 25Kg  


Commercial sheets : AXAL proNitrite salt, Industrial PDV salt 





We dispose salt products for: food industries, bakery, pickles, olive processing, salted nuts, canning, sausage, meet processing, health food, poultry, animal feed, dyeing industries, water softening, tanneries, de-icing roads, salt industries and further processing, chemicals, fertilizers, water treatment in hotels, hospitals etc, soaps and detergents production, paper processing, pharmaceutical applications, bath salts and many more.

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