Packing in 10Kg bags


Dear customers
We are pleased to inform you that the DADAKARIDES SALT S.A. finishing the first phase of expansion of productive activities, they are able to pack now all grades of salt (cooked, raw and iodized) and 10Kg and 5Kg packages.
More "pleasant" surprises with the completion of the second phase of expansion, around the beginning of September
Thank you for trusting us.

Top 500 companies in 2014


 Dear customers/colleagues,

2015  has come to an end. As you know this year was a very difficult and critical one for our country, Greek companies and Greek citizens.
This year our company managed to enter the top 500 chart of companies in Greece  managed by businesswomen with highest EBITDA results. We would like to share this success with you,  thank you for choosing our company to cooperate with, and commit that our goal for 2016 will continue being  the satisfaction of our customers as a priority.

“DADAKARIDES SALT” S.A. and its members, wishes you all the best for the new year, health and prosperity.

ICAP 2014







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High purity raw sea salt


 Our company tries always to offer new and cost effective solutions to our customers. For this reason we are now able to import and distribute raw salt of high purity with ΝaCl (dry basis) 99.6±0.2%.

After the successful test disposal of the raw sea salt of high purity especially on farm products (pickles, olives, etc.) as well as on low-cost uses for water softening, now we are proceeding with contract signings for the import and distribution of 25.000MT until the end of the year. The advantages of this salt are the moisture percentage (aproximately 2.5%) and of course the very competitive price for those who are looking for a good quality unrefined salt

Easter Holiday 2013

We would like to inform you that for the period of our Easter holiday which is from Friday 03/05 till Monday 06/05, our company will not be working.

On 01/05 our company will be working normally, BUT we’ll be able to export only to EU countries, cause customs house will be closed. So, exports to non EU countries will be able to do on 02/05 and from 07/05 and after as usual.

We thank you in advance for your comprehension and cooperation

Iodized salt


 We are able to provided iodized sea salt in all type of salt at all type of packaging

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